29 agosto 2010

Blackbird Singing in the dead of Night

That these broken Wings, and learn to Fly

All your Life.

You were only watiting for this Moment to Arise

21 agosto 2010

John Is Not Dead. He´s Only Sleeping~

Si Aun Estuvieras Aqui,

Seriamos Tan Felices~

You Are The Best.


Nothing Was Changing It-

Forever In My Heart♥

God John, That These In The Sky,

We´ll Never Forget you♥

08 agosto 2010

Su pudiera Soñar, seria contigo.
Y no me avergonzaría de ello.

02 agosto 2010

Te Amo mi Hermosa~

Y Te Extraño Muchisimo Mas♥

Quiero una tarde de Mates & Madgalenas Con Vos♥

Felicidad Infinita~

Sin Palabras, Solo Felicidad Absoluta~